Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Girls' 18" Dollhouse

 photo dollhouse_zpsd4d52ff4.jpg

We incorporated a Pinterest idea using shelves and pvc pipe to make a doll house for our girls' dolls. We looked at different 18" doll houses and did not feel the construction matched the price tag. Plus, our littlest girls will be out of the doll stage in a few short years. We can still use the shelves for storage once they are done. The laundry basket on top holds all of the dolls' dresses until we can install a closet rod. The girls love their dollhouse! Their dolls can stand up in every room, and they have more rooms than the other dollhouses provide.

 photo herd_zpsa85b2da6.jpg

We opted for a second story stable since the Jeep could roll easier into the garage underneath. From the play action I have observed, the horses enjoy the view. The second horse from the left is Amanda's from her doll days. It's been ridden by all our children and many of their friends.

 photo dolls_zps751d9c75.jpg

The girls and I are looking forward to crafting together to make more furniture and accessories for their dolls. Since this picture was taken, we have already added tile flooring to the rooms using scrap tiles from another project. It's going to be fun to see where the girls' creativity takes us.

Acetone nail polish remover will remove the writing on the PVC pipe.