Sunday, August 24, 2008

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At Clint's former employer, Siemens, the employees were throwing away 14' long pine shipping crates. Clint asked if he could have them and was given permission to take his saw and cut them so he could bring them home in his truck. Since they got these in all of the time, we obtained quite a pile of them.

We used them for MANY, MANY projects, but our favorite was using them for walls in the cottage behind our house (now attached). I pulled the nails out. Clint cut them to length and used a router on the edges and then I stained them and nailed them to the walls. We have received so many compliments on the walls, we now wish we had done the same thing to other rooms in our house. If you enlarge the pictures, you can see where the metal straps went around the boxes.
We just moved a large shelf from this corner so Brandon could install 5 longer shelves for the bookstores. I figured I had better get a picture of it while I could.