Friday, August 15, 2008


My children have enjoyed the news about the Bigfoot "body" and we watched part of the press conference online today. (scroll down to CNN's coverage) While it saddens a couple of my children to hear me say this, it's most likely a fake. I hope those men have good criminal attorneys. (good criminal attorney--oxymoron)

For sake of argument, let's say it IS real. Why would someone search out something that has obviously made an effort to stay hidden from this world that is 7'7" tall and weighs 500 lbs? I am thinking some things are best left alone. This is not something you want to tick off!

The fact their story keeps changing isn't all I question....The people who made the discovery claim there were three other Bigfoots (Bigfeets?) "paralleling" them through the woods. Faced with three creatures that large with some apparent intelligence, I'd have dropped the body, apologized profusely and booked it out of there. Common sense tells you to haul butt in those kinds circumstances. Not these guys, they claim they kept dragging that heavy body out at a snail's pace over the course of a day and a half.

Who picks up a dead body and decides to keep it anyway?! Around here, we'd kick some dirt on it to cut the stink and leave it be. :-)

They say the three creatures following them did not show any aggression. Yeah, well dude, you go right back and see how they treat you after you have stolen their buddy's corpse, thrown him into a cooler, filled it with water, made some dumb YouTube videos, took pictures for the media and then told everyone you want to make as much money off of the body as you can. I don't think they will 'cotton' to that boys.

My best guess is that thing they found may be one of the inbred men from the movie Deliverance which was also set in Georgia.

Bigfoot hunters are looking in the wrong places. Everyone knows you can find a big, hairy, ape (of a man) in southern America. I live in southern America and I personally invite the Bigfoot hunters out to our local area's Bubba hangout (an all night convenience store) one Saturday night. I guarantee sightings of several good natured, large, hairy, sometimes smelly beasts. You can easily catch one by pretending to be a or out of hunting season. :-D