Sunday, August 31, 2008

Curiosity 2

You've got to read the post below for this one to make sense.
Asbell didn't even mind when she pulled his whiskers! He did not growl or even meow. He took it in stride. He just wanted to be near his fascinating find....a baby human!
It was very interesting to watch these two interact this afternoon! I wish I had had the camcorder. I was talking to Emily the whole time, but you'll notice she did not look towards the camera once. She was captivated by her new friend.

Emily didn't really start messing with him until he had been following her around for a while.
At first, he'd walk near her, pass her and then stop and look back at her like she was the only human he had ever seen. He was truly captivated with her.

She kept trying to get him to lay down so she could pet his fur. Falling on him seemed to accomplish that the best. :-) He did not mind one bit.

If Clint or I try to touch this cat, he will run. If we do catch him, he will claw and bite.
This animal behavior with humans...where they seem to know to be gentle with babies...has been observed many times on our farm in horses, goats, dogs, cats, ferrets, etc. I really did not care for this cat much. I feed him, catch him and risk injury to give him his shots and worming and he is just not very grateful. He earned some brownie points today though.

Emily has had a good bath since her encounter with the cat. :-)
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