Monday, August 18, 2008

Norfolk man pumped about savings with water-for-gas conversion

NORFOLK – 13News viewers want to know whether Art Green is really saving money turning water into fuel to run his pick-up truck.

A month ago, he installed a water-for-gas unit on his Chevy Avalanche.

It's based on Mason jars filled with water and baking soda and wires that create a current of hydrogen.

He learned about it online and ordered instruction manuals. He installed the items in three hours.

"It's a brand new truck, Joe. It has been reborn. It has power from a cold start. It just picks up and puts you back in your seat," he said proudly.

“My over the road mileage is 40 miles a gallon. It used to be 20. That's another 50-percent increase, so it's either 50- or 60-percent increases depending whether it's city or highway."

Green says his truck got eight miles a gallon in town. Now it’s 20.

He says it’s been well worth the $80.00 in parts and $95.00 for the manuals.

"I tell people if they don't do it and they complain about the high prices of oil, they're being less than honest with themselves. There is a way that it will pay for itself in one or two weeks that will bring their mileage or double their mileage is another way to put it."

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