Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Around Here (Part 2)

Me: My body is still weak from the pregnancy and HG. I can get up and do light activity for 10-12 minutes at at a time, but then I have to sit down and rest because I get very shaky. I have been pushing myself to do more each day because activity helps me cope emotionally, but that backfired on me. 

Yesterday, my body cried out for a rest, and I was unable to do much at all. My muscles are sore and ache because I went from complete bed-rest to doing as much as I can. Joshua said HG had me at 1 mph, but I am up to 10-15 mph now. There is improvement, but I am very impatient for more. I know from previous rounds with HG that it can take me up to a year to get back to 100% of my activity and strength level. I am determined I'll do it though.

Any time there is a sudden end to a pregnancy, it increases the risk of postpartum depression. Even if you take away all of the emotional and physical wear and tear, the hormonal upheaval can be challenging to manage. 

My family has been through enough, so I am doing all I can to minimize the risks: eating nutrient dense meals, eating on time, sleeping on a normal schedule, getting plenty of rest, taking vitamins and herbal supplements, getting outside for some sunlight daily, trying to exercise, talking through my feelings with trusted people, etc. If you are going through a loss, I know, how very well I know with 8 child losses, that you don't always want to and you don't always have the energy to do those things, but you have to make yourself. It does not help me or my family, or honor my deceased children, or speak well of my faith, if I don't take care of myself. I have to do the hard thing of getting up and going forward to keep from going through something harder, which would be PPD. 

On Mother's Day, I can think of no one more deserving than a mother that had to give one back. -Erma Bombeck