Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Ultrasound Today & Horseback Riding Camp

I am just doing what I have to online until I feel better. The goldenseal* & echinacea capsules I made seem to be working to clear that up the sinus infection. I am not getting much rest at night because I can't breathe well. The vomiting once a week was easier to deal with than this. At least I could sleep then.

I threw up a few days ago, but it was not HG related. I tried a nasal wash to help with the congestion. The first two days I did it, it went barfing. The third time, I hurled so much for so long Brandon told me he did not think I should do that again. It did not help with the congestion as it seemed like it came back worse afterwards.

We canceled the ultrasound that was scheduled for today because Clint wants me to spend the day resting as much as possible. I am wiped out. I have to take care of book sales and the 40 lbs of tomatoes Amanda picked from the garden yesterday and then I am back to bed for the rest of the day. Amanda is helping me with the tomatoes and Clint said he'll finish whatever I don't get to. I will get to all of the e-mail when I feel better.

*Goldenseal is contraindicated for pregnancy because it can induce contractions. As a certified herbalist educated on dosage amounts and who makes her own capsules, I have been able to take small quantities of it without a problem. You should consult your doctor, midwife or a certified herbalist before taking it yourself.

Dee kindly offered for Amanda to have a day camp instead of spending the night to alleviate our concerns about her sleepwalking and other issues, so we are going to let her go to the horseback riding camp. She has already met two of the girls who will be there. Clint will drop her off and pick her up each morning and she is very excited to be going.

Thank you to Jeanne and Stuart for your gift to our family! We were touched that you would do that for us.